My student notes are here in Web based format. I originally made them for myself, to remind me of moves and techniques, but if other people find them usefull, then that is great as well!

Rapier Fighting 101 - Basic Moves
Rapier Fighting 102 - Advanced Moves
Rapier Fighting 103 - Blocks & Side Weapons
Rapier Fighting 104- Tora Sayings, Competitions & Tactics
Rapier Fighting 105- Gear and Equipment you will need
Rapier Fighting Gear and Equipment Shopping Links

I have been having alot of fun in the years that I have been doing this. I have gotten a few bruises, but learned alot, and enjoy the workouts. "If your not getting hit, your not learning", "Pain is just weakness leaving the body", and "Leave yourself open, and your going to get hit", are things I hear from my instructor Rob (aka Tora) at each practice. And I hear them alot! In Tokyo now, we practice 2 times a week, two hours each, for a total of 4 hours a week. Plus events on weekends at least once a month. It's been an awesome way to stay in shape and meet great people.

I hope you like my notes!