Kage Tatsu's Rapier Fencing 105

Suggested Rapier Gear and Equipment!

This is just a suggested list of items that you will need eventually. As a new student, I would get the gloves and fencing masket right away, but the other equipment, especially weapons, I would wait until I had some practice, and experience using the different weapons of other students and the schools training items. This will allow you to determine for yourself what weight, length, grip, and style you prefer to fight in.

Before you compete in an actual official tournament or mele, it will be necessary for you to have all of the Standard Equipment, as this is for safety first and formost! Check out the SHOPPING LINKS section of this website for suggestions as to places to start your hunt. If a link is broken, just go the root of the link, to the sellers main webpage.


  1. Standard Equipment for a Fighter
    Copy of rules and regulations
    12kg Fencing mask or helmet
    Hood (puncture resistant material)
    2 Gloves (Left and Right!)
    Body Armor (puncture resistant material)
    Shirt with self sustaining cuffs and armpit protection (if not built into Body Armor)
    Belt (if required to maintain closure of Body Armor or Shirt)
    Pants or Skirt
    Gender Protection (Groin, Pelvic, Chest)
    Closed toe shoes
  2. Offensive Equipment
    Schlager class weapon
    Epee class weapon
    RBG - rubber band gun (and shot)
    Defensive Equipment
    Rigid Parry Item(s) (Buckler, stick, etc)
    Soft Parry Item(s) (Cloak, stuffed animal, ect)
  3. Maintenance Equipment
    Fine Grit Sand Paper or 'Rust Eraser' (for getting rust off of metal)
    WD-40 (helps to save metal from rust in moist weather)
    Clean Soft Cloth (201 uses, all around handy)
    Button Tips (weapon tips for epees, foils, daggers)
    Blunt Tips (for schlager weapons)
    Colored 'Tip' Tape (Colored electrical tape for marking tip and foible)
    Sharp Knife (a razor knife works great. 201 uses, all around handy)
    Assortment of 'Flat' and 'Lock' Type Washers (Useful as spacers and fasteners)
    File (201 uses, all around handy)
  4. Marshalling Equipment
    Marshal's Tabard
    Marshal's Staff
    Goggles (for use during 'projectile' scenarios)
    Whistle (for use in melees)
    Copy of the Current Kingdom Rules, Regulations and Conventions
    Drop Tester (for testing armor)
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