Black Tigers Rapier Fencing

The Black Tigers in Tokyo meet every Monday and Tuesday at the East Side Basketball Courts, Yokota Air Base. Practices are from 6 to 7pm during the winter, and 5:30 to 7 during the summer.

Bring sweats, good shoes, gloves and water. Practices are free, and open to all ages.

Kage Tatsu's Black Tiger Fencing Guide is here
Tora Taka on the left, Shenifein on the right, Estrella 2007

The Black Tigers are a "Pirate" themed group of Rapier fighters located around the world. Founded in 2005 by the already legendary Tora Taka and his renown friend Blayde.

Tora Taka is widely regarded as one of the best Rapier Fighters of the modern age.

Seeking to improve Rapier Fighting mentality around the world, Tora and his friend Blayde started the Black Tigers group. The Black Tigers hold no true SCA territorial allegiences, fighting together for the greater good of the Black Tiger Pirate Clan. The Black Tigers can be hired to help out one particular side or th e other in any given war however. Of course, if one wanted to make sure their side hired the Black Tigers, one would need to make sure they were the highest bidder.......

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